The beginning.

So today I’ve made the steps to start a blog. A place to vent, attempt to clear my very busy mind and somewhere to hopefully gain some sort of understanding of anything and everything.

I’ve always wondered why someone would want to read a blog, almost like it’s some sort of  ‘open diary’ of sorts, like you’re delving into someone’s (very public) privacy somehow…I guess it is to an extent?

I mean a diary is a way of sharing your thoughts with paper, so a blog is sharing your thoughts with the world…

I have absolutely no idea what exactly i will be typing into this blog, i guess i just wanted somewhere out of the house to get my thoughts and worries out? I feel like if i write it on a piece of paper or in a diary, it will just remain in the drawer, whirring around like it does in my head…but on here it seems to be further away somehow…

If you’re reading this, you’ve somehow stumbled across it, possibly whilst searching for something a lot less whiny and troubled..

I apologise if you really didn’t want to land on my page, but you never know…maybe if you read on you’ll find we have something in common?!


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