That Sunday feeling

Yes ladies and gents…it’s that awful time again! The one evening of the week you spend most of your time praying for time to slow right down, when you reflect on what a wonderful weekend you’ve had and constantly ask yourself why it has to be over!!

I’m feeling even more of the ‘Sunday dread’ than usual today because I’m back to work after a period of absence tomorrow. The positive – seeing people/kids I care about. The negative – The massively overwhelming anxiety! 😦

I’m trying so hard to be upbeat about it, I mean I’m on half days at the moment so it is only 4 hours to get through, at least that’s the sentence i’m repeating over and over in my head! I’m trying so hard to block out the anxious devil on my shoulder thats telling me to feel uneasy, be nervous, panic! I don’t want to let it win! I’m desperate to not let it win!

Keep me in your thoughts guys!! Any words of wisdom/advice or even coping mechanisms would be of great help right now!!


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